Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything Girl!

So for the past three years of my life I've been knee deep into boy stuff and it is so much fun! Now that we found out we are having a girl there are a few things I need to change just to add to the fun of having a girl and because its necessary!

One of those things would be a new diaper bag. I love my diaper bag I have right now from Pottery Barn for Caden. Its all boy and super cute, but in no way did I want to use it for Codi because I wanted something girly and cute. My goal when looking for a new diaper bag was the size. Since I'm going to have two children 13 mths apart I need a diaper bag thats big enough to carry for two. Connor has his own backpack and loves to wear it, so I'm good there. I use to have a JJ Cole Diaper Bag with Connor and really liked it alot because the material was wipable and there was lots of compartments, diaper changing pad, and a pacifier holder. Well when I had Caden I needed a little bit bigger bag and opted to go with a Pottery Barn diaper bag but the bad side of it is that its cloth and the bottom gets really dirty, but other than that its held up pretty good.

So all in all I started looking a JJ Cole diaper bags again because the price was right and there are some cute ones with cute designs out there. Here is what we got! It is the JJ Cole Technique Diaper Bag and comes in several colors - we choose the Red Flower.

Secondly we've used the same carseat for the last two babies and its very neutral with a little bit of green, but it of course has been well used and the material is pretty nasty. Yes we've washed it but we wanted something fresh with our new baby and more girly. So we opted to buy a carseat cover that fits our carseat. Its cheaper than most because all you do is slip it over your current cover to seat cover - the more expensive ones you take off your current carseat cover and the new ones has a new backing on it for comfort. They run rather pricey and since my mother bought it for us we went with the cheaper route. So we will just take off our cover - wash it and then replace it and had the new cover on top. Here is what it looks like!

Both sort of match Codi's room because her room has turquoise and coral and gray so I thought both were super cute and different! I can't not wait to receive both in the mail. One more week and then we will start painting the nursery!!!!

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