Monday, March 12, 2012

Phase One Complete

The before pictures of Caden's Nursery:

(Caden's nursery)

(Caden's Nursery)

This week is the week to get the nursery painted and start addingin the details. This weekend I cleaned out all of Caden's things and cleared the room so I could start painting. Sunday we went to the rodeo and when I got back I went out and bought all the paint supplies I needed and did not already have. Man paint has sure gotten expensive, but this should last for awhile. Unfortunately Caden's room decor only lasted a year =( But I boxed it up for use when he gets his own room one day.

Today (Monday) my goal was to put the first layer of paint down - which was white. It will eventually be a white border and part of the chevron wall I will be creating. The reason for this is that I needed it to dry really good so that tomorrow when we starting taping and painting the other colors the paint would be dry and ready to go.

(Painting the white border)

(Painting the white border)

(Painting the white border and the background to the chevron wall)

My mother is coming into town tomorrow and staying through the week to help me finish the room up and do some other things on my list. I should have updates on the progress throughout the week so that by this weekend you will get to see the finished result. I'm super excited about it and hope it turns out the way I imagine it to look like.

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