Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phase Three Complete

Today has been a much easier day, but my hands hurt from taping the very textured wall. We all woke up around 9am this morning and ate breakfast. My mom was planning on spending the day with my brother, nephew and sister-in-law so we did not expect to get any painting done today. Just me taping away on that chevron wall. It so happened that she did not end up going to visit until after lunch time, so we decided to go ahead and start painting. We finished the bottom half of the wall with the Candy Mix paint. Then I went around and took all the tape off the walls to see what touch-ups I needed to do. I took care of most of them. The only touch-ups I have left to do is on the white border where the paint bleed through the paint. Lets just say edge lock tape is not edge lock on super textured walls. I will take care of that tomorrow with a small brush, because I'm sure I will be doing that on the chevron wall too. After mom left for the day and Caden was napping and Connor was either in the backyard playing or playing with playdoh I took care of finishing the chevron wall. My fingers hurt so much from taping, but ITS DONE!!! Don't know if I will ever attempt another one again. It was super tedious, but tomorrow I will see how much I like or dislike it. Towards the end of taping I ran out of tape and had to start cutting down 1.5in tape to 1in tape which was not fun and made the task longer. After I was done Connor and I went outside to eat popsicles and enjoy some of the pretty day.

(Chevron wall all taped)

(Another view of the room)

(The closet area with of course the crib in it - that has been moved all around the room while painting)

(Another view of the room)

(More of the Chevron wall)

Task for Thursday:
We are ahead of schedule, so all I have left to do tomorrow is paint the chevron wall gray and take off the tape. Then I will let it dry and start touching up the white areas that need it with a small brush

Get curtains and rug

Start attempting to make the bedskirt

Move all the furniture back in the room - still working on the dresser - frame is done, but drawers are not. Rocking chair still needs to be painted. Still debating on painting it white or gray. Decisions, decisions

Then its time to decorate the room!!!!! More on that later!!!

How to do a chevron wall:

I took the measurements of the area I was working on. My height was 45.75in and my width was 135in. I then how to do a little math. Basically I divided the width in half and found my center point of the wall and then from the center out to each end I put a vertical line of tape every 5in. It then left me with 1.5in on each end which I ended up just being fine with, because it was too hard to figure out how to make it even. Then deciding how far apart the chevrons were going to be was the tricky part. I really wanted to do 5in again, but when I did the math it didn't work very well, because I had to take in account that I have 1in tape thickness as well. So I decided to go with 4in and it worked out pretty good. So I made a little sheet with my measurements and started measuring and taping away. Once I got it down it went pretty fast. If you have more questions on this please ask and I will try to be more detailed, but it was just trial and error with my math until I found what worked best.

I should have another update tomorrow - stay tuned!

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