Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Crazy Life Right now!

Well swimming as finally wrapped up and my swimmers ended the season with some amazing times and medals. I can not be a happier coach for my first year of coaching! Who knew I would actually like coaching swimming after all the years of my life I committed to swimming 20+ hours a week (like a part-time job). So yay now that swimming is basically completed minus the banquet and fundraiser coming up I can finally focus on baby #3 and spend some quality time with my family!

Here are a few things that we have planned in the next months - which leaves me with not alot of free time, but its all fun so I can't complain.

First on our list: This weekend we are headed to Austin to visit my parents and spend some quality time with them. We plan to go to the Longhorn Caverns or the Austin Zoo so the kids can have some fun. I also plan to bring back one neat piece of furniture (more on that later).

Second on our list: In two weeks (the start of SPRING BREAK!!!) my little family is headed to Seaworld and the River Walk. We all get in free because teachers get free passes and then my kiddos all fall under the free status - not fun and cheap trip!!!

When we come back from Seaworld - during Spring Break my mother is coming down for part of the week to help me decorate baby Codi's nursery. Right now I'm in the process of refurnishing the dresser and hope to have that completed before Spring Break and then I need to spray paint the rocking chair. When my mom is here we are going to paint the walls, make a bed skirt and curtains. Poor Caden will be kicked out of his room for a week because of the paint smells. My goal is to have the room completed by mid April.

Sign on her door

Then I have my swim banquet at the end of March and then we are into April and I will be about 31 weeks pregnant.

We will start off April celebrating Easter with our family/friends. We plan to have Caden's 1st birthday party Easter weekend since I will get a four day weekend and also celebrate my Dad's birthday since Caden and my dad share the same birthday on April 11th. It will be a fun weekend of celebrations!

Caden's invitation I created on the computer

Then its countdown to baby with a baby shower for Codi at the start of May - hosted by my sister =) (she has never been to a baby shower of mine because she lives in Dallas - so I'm super excited to share this with her). We hope our precious girl is to arrive by c-section on May 21st.

Wow is all I can say - its a busy Spring which is unusual because our Fall is usually the the busiest time and Spring seems to go forever!!!


Jonathan, Amy, Addison, Bennett, and Garrett said...

You are a BUSY girl. I can't wait to see Codi's nursery, I am sure it will be so special. Glad you are feeling good and able to get all of this done.

Mimi said...

I am happy to share in your busy life! Looking forward to your visit and lots of fun with the boys!