Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phase Two Complete

So here goes Phase #2 and a sore back!

Before picture of the closet:

(Caden's closet)

So today my mom came in town and I had already started taping off the room to begin painting and when she got here she helped me finish it up. We first started with the closet because it was one color and went pretty fast. All I bought was a quart and man did we almost need more, thank goodness it covered well and I have a drop left for touch ups.

(Surfer Paint - closet)

(another view of the closet)

All my paints were Behr paint color, but I had Sherwin Williams tint them to their paint since I had coupons. Then we had lunch and sat a little bit. I believe the paint colors are Milestone (gray color), Candy Mix (coral color) and Surfer (aqua color). After lunch we began on the gray color at the top of the walls. It covered really well and we did not need a second coat. Once we finished the gray paint and let it dry for a bit we took the tape off.

(Milestone Paint - window view)

(another snap shot)

This was the other project I was working on today - which by the way is the longest task ever so it better look good when its done. My only fear is when this house was build in the 70s they must of loved textured walls and tape on textured walls do not leave a nice smooth line - I see touch up painting in the future. Anywho this is my chevron wall I'm working on. Its a pattern on the wall for those confused on what a chevron wall - it makes the chevron design. The wall will also be the Milestone gray color after I finish taping it and where the tape is it will be white. Tomorrow I hope to spend the day taping the rest of the wall. Then on Thursday it will be painted.

(a lot of math goes into figuring out this wall)

(oh by the way I tried a program off pintrest on creating this wall, it seemed like it was going to work great and then it didn't - oh well)

Task for Wednesday:
Mom is off to spend the day with my nephew, brother and sister-in-law, so I will be taking the day slower. I plan to finish taping the chevron wall and then do some small errands with the boys. Then Nick and I have a parent dedication class at church for Caden to attend. I will try to post some more pictures of the chevron wall tomorrow evening and maybe a little info on how to create it.

Task for Thursday:
Paint the bottom of the wall Candy Mix color and then paint the chevron wall. Then take all tape off and do touch ups. Then we will move all the furniture in. Keep watching for more updates.

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