Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fourth Phase Complete


(baskets from Lowes, still need to finish the dresser)

(closet area, new diaper bag, quilt made by my grandma, rocking chair that needs paint)

Today we woke up and got the gray paint out again and my mom rolled over most of the chevron wall. It freaked us both out because the paint became very wrinkly and wanted to roll off with the roller. So she did not press too hard afraid the tape might come off. Then I went in and did the edges and the second touch-up of all the areas. I knew the gray paint would bleed onto the white areas because our wall is so textured. We let the wall dry most of the day while we ran errands and picked up a few things for Codi's room. When we got back we took the tape off and sure enough I have ALOT of touch-ups to do. I can honestly say I spent an hour doing some of the them today and I'm not even half way done. So I have another time consuming task on my hands, but I'm in no rush to complete it. So I might spend an hour on it a day and finish it when I do. Basically I'm taking the white paint and a small paint brush and using a steady hand to make my lines straight.

A few other painting task:
1. paint the rocking chair white
2. paint the drawers of the dresser (they are primed right now)
3. two canvas art I will add to the walls

Friday task for tomorrow:
1. make the bedskirt
2. work on the drawers

Things I still need to order:
1. Lamp from IKEA
2. cloth diapers from cotton babies
3. piece of art with Codi's name on it
4. her name plate for the door
5. another art decor

More updates will come over time as I add decor to the room and then hopefully a room reveal at the end of April.

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